Write for us – Travel Blog

Access Advantage Travel is constantly on the lookout for talented writers to write for our travel blog! We like to provide the best insights to travelling around the world.

Who can Submit an article to our travel blog?

Anyone with experience as a writer or blogger on travel related topics and subjects.

Why Write for Our Travel Blog?

  • Get backlinks to your website, we allow up to two backlinks. One for relative content referrals and one for your personal website. These links are followed links, unless stated otherwise, pointing our authority on to your website.
  • Get introduced via the travel community.
  • Gain exposure! Thousands of people will see your article and it will never get deleted.
  • We rank very high in the search engines so your article will be seen.
  • Your article will be promoted over all of our social media accounts – gaining further exposure.

What kind of articles are we looking for?

We are looking for articles about travel, this is quite broad and can include the following: flights, holidays, locations, luggage, tips and tricks. It is important that your article is interesting, something that you want to share with others. It doesn’t have to be long (minimum 500 words) but it does have to be of a high standard or we will not be able to publish your article. You will also have to supply two images. This is to make the content rich for search engines, if you want to submit a relative video then that’s even better!

Travel Blog Article Guidelines:

Please ensure that you follow these guidelines to keep the quality of your content high.

  • Articles must be a minimum of 500 words
  • Articles must be original content – they can’t have already been published elsewhere
  • Please provide a minimum of two images
  • Credit all sources used in your article
  • No plagiarism – your article will be taken down right away and you will not be able to write for us again.
  • And lastly BE CREATIVE!!! Write about something you are passionate about!!

We may include internal links within your article. This is for Search Engine optimisation purposes.

How Do I Start?

Firstly, get in touch with us with via our email [email protected]. We are happy to receive your content straight away – we are also happy to discuss potential topics if needs be.

Happy blogging!