Now, the truth is that there is no one place which can be classified as typical in Northern Portugal. This is a region which is contrasting and the cultures, as well as the traditions, are going to shift as you travel. From granite villages with lush rivers and terraced vineyards to contemporary metropolitans, you can see it all here. With this in mind, it’s definitely true that you want to find the best villas in Northern Portugal for the holidays. It’s a great destination and as we have tried to make it pretty clear – it’s abundant and versatile, so you won’t run out of things to do and see.

Choosing the Best Villas in Northern Portugal

As you can probably see, the territory offers both seaside holidays and mountain retreats so that should be amongst the first things to do in order to determine the location that you would have to book a villa at. Keep in mind that the weather is known to be rather mild so it might be a great option for the winter vacations, if you want to get away from the freezing cold temperatures which have enveloped the rest of Europe at that time. The locations are all beautiful, regardless of your choice.

Capacity and Budget

How many people are you going to be? Are you going to spend the holidays with your friends or are you on a family trip? These are all things that have to be properly accounted for in order to choose the best villa in Northern Portugal because they are decisive when it comes to comfort. If you want a great stay, you need to ensure that the villa is large enough in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

The Area Itself

As we already mentioned above, the entire Northern Portugal is particularly diverse. For instance, the Tras Os Montes area which is in the north eastern part of the country was left to be almost autonomous and, therefore, the culture there is particularly unique. And, the best thing about the Northern part of Portugal is that it’s like this almost everywhere you go. There is no similarity, and the diversification is simply enhancing and charming. That’s something particularly interesting.

Finding the best villas in Northern Portugal shouldn’t be hard, considering the abundance of different places. However, make sure that you take the aforementioned tips in account so that everything is handled perfectly and that you have the greatest holidays.