If you are contemplating of visiting Portugal, then it would be better to consider the best places you would be during your vocation. Northern Portugal is boosting for having exhilarating utilities in all aspects. Whether you are looking for natural beauty, modern utilities, and panoramic sites, this place would be the most fantastic and ideal one to spend your holidays in. With the top five star hotels and well-maintained villas, you would be happy to see that everything works to offer you maximum luxury.

Mercure Porto Centro Hotel

This lavish 4-star hotel is located in the heart of Port city. You would, therefore, have a quick access to the town facilities like shopping malls, attraction sites, and the best nigh life utilities. To make sure that you are safe, a 24-hour security guard is always there with CCTV cameras to make sure that all your belongings are safe. Inside, you would have excellent pimped rooms with Dstv connectivity and wireless internet connections. There are swimming pools, heated and cold to ensure that you swim to your satisfaction. This hotel is located in serene environments of Porto town outskirts where you will have all the solitude and tranquillity.

Casa do Visconde de Chanceleiros

This is more than just a sleeping hotel, every room looks like a service room due to how decorated it is. When you rent here, you will have a well-equipped kitchen with a cooker and a coffee maker to enable you prepare your own meals if want. There is a flat screen TV on each room and remote-controlled curtains to make you feel like a VIP when inside. Every room is made with separate bathrooms and toilets to ensure maximum privacy as you relax in your rented unit. Spacious balconies would allow you to enjoy the panoramic view of the whole town especially when you rent the up floor rooms.


There are no words that can explain the luxurious utilities that are exist in the spacious rooms of this hotel. Every room is individually arranged in a classic manner with a king size dressed bed and a leather sofa set to make you feel at home. Each room is discretely themed with mesmerising artefacts to bring a feeling of nobleness that you have never felt before. The hotel is known to contain the best wines and beers which you can have a sip as you stay there. Grab your delicious meals from the hotel’s restaurants that are located downstairs on your way to the parking spaces.

Hotels of the Northern Portugal Area

There are various hotel categories that you can rent during your vocation so that you stay lavishly and comfortable. Every hotel has enhanced security through the modern installed security systems. You will have hot and cold showers to enable you take a bath any time of the day. Every hotel has its own workout and fitness area to ensure that you keep fit even when you are away from home for your holidays. Every room has its own wireless internet and Dstv connectivity to ensure that you enjoy every night browsing and watching your best channels you are in the hotels. All hotels are kept to the world class standards so that you get VIP-like treatment. Finding the right flights to Portugal can often be tricky, be sure to check travel related websites for the best deals when flying out to Portugal, we have used www.travangelo.co.uk many times now.